Welcome to Mayflower

shoopingcenterThe members of the Mayflower Area Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a warm welcome to your household by providing a Welcome Packet to you. This packet contains coupons, business cards, brochures and other items from participating Chamber businesses. Also included is a current list of Chamber business members, and a map of the Mayflower area containing pertinent local information. (At the time of the map’s printing, the telephone numbers and addresses were correct.)

The Mayflower Chamber of Commerce provides this packet as a community service to new business clients. Our goal is to provide you, the member, with an effective voice in community affairs. We will continue to promote those projects that benefit you, your family, your business, and the Mayflower area.

We would appreciate your membership; however, we also need your volunteer support in those activities that we sponsor or in which we participate. With this in mind, I ask that you give some serious thought to getting more involved in chamber activities by investing some of your time as we strive to make a positive impact on the community. We can surely use your help. Won’t you become involved in the activities of the Chamber? With your efforts, we can achieve the many projects that need to be completed and accomplish the extraordinary while making the Mayflower area a better place to work and live.

The mission statement of the Chamber states the following: “The Mayflower Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business association of area firms and concerned individuals who work together to achieve a favorable business climate, while enhancing the quality of life for community residents.” We encourage you to join the Mayflower Area Chamber of Commerce; please complete the attached application and mail to the address indicated.

Mayflower Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 284
Mayflower, Arkansas 72106